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Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Northeastern Pennsylvania
Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 6:00pm
Center Valley

On Thursday, December 19, we held our annual Christmas Party at Melt Grill in Center Valley, PA.  

John and Arlene Frailey received the NEPA Section Member of the Year Award. They hosted the NEPA Section picnic twice.

Tom Lindeman received the Mid-Atlantic Region Membership Chair of the Year Award.

Nancy and Mike Ziegler were presented a 40-year membership pin. 

Helen Newman was presented her 5 year membership pin (husband Aaron sadly passed away before this event). 

After dinner, Tom Lindeman, bee keeper, gave an informative and interesting presentation on bees, including history and facts.  There were many great questions from the audience that reflected the attentiveness to Tom's very engaging discussion regarding bees and their keepers.  We enjoyed his fascinating presentation and learned a lot, including the importance of these pollinators to life on earth.  

We hope you will join us next year.  It has always been a wonderful evening.